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  • 2022-2023 program

    CryptoWorks21 is a supplemental training program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who would like to develop their technical and professional skills for a successful career in cybersecurity, quantum, and related areas. First-year graduate students and new post-docs in CPI and IQC are especially encouraged ...

  • Summer 2022 workshops

    In August 2022, the Institute for Quantum Computing will be running the QKD summer school, which includes sessions on introduction to cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution, and quantum cryptography. These sessions can be used to meet the requirements for four of CryptoWorks21's technical ...

  • Summer Workshop Schedule 2021

    CryptoWorks21 Summer Workshop Schedule 2021

    For any questions, please email Kaitlyn McDonell at

    Register via the Eventbrite links below.

    Professional Skills

    Technical Skills

  • Photo of Nigar Sultana
    CryptoWorks21 thesis award winner’s research is out of this world

    CryptoWorks21 alumnus Nigar Sultana has been awarded the RBC Outstanding Thesis Award in Cybersecurity in the Quantum Era for her PhD Thesis.

    This award is given annually to recognize an outstanding thesis on quantum-resistant cybersecurity from graduates of the CryptoWorks21 program. Sultana completed her PhD ...

  • Photo of Philip Hodges
    Cybersecurity research scholarship awarded for 2020

    CryptoWorks21 participant and Masters student in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization Philip Hodges has been awarded the RBC Graduate Scholarship valued at $20,000 over three terms.

    The scholarship is awarded to a graduate student conducting research in topics aligned with quantum-safe cryptography and ...