Training Program

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows enrolled in the CryptoWorks21 program are expected to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Demonstrate novice understanding in each professional and technical skill area
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding in at least one professional and  technical skill area
  • Participate in short courses and workshops
  • Interact with industry and interdisciplinary mentors
  • Mentor junior CryptoWorks21 students
Graduate students are allowed 3 years to fulfill these requirements. Postdoctoral fellows are allowed 2 years to fulfill these requirements.

Previous training opportunities.

Please see below for future professional and technical skills training opportunities.

Professional Skills

Technical Skills

  • Information and network security
  • Fundamentals of cryptography
  • "Post-quantum" cryptography
  • Quantum cryptography tools
  • Quantum communication devices
Options for technical skills development include: