Program requirements

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows enrolled in the CryptoWorks21 program are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate novice understanding in each professional and technical skill area
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding in at least one professional and technical skill area
  • Interact with industry and interdisciplinary mentors by attending the Industry Day event, and meeting with an industry mentor

Graduate students are allowed 3 years to fulfill these requirements. Postdoctoral fellows are allowed 2 years to fulfill these requirements.

Professional skills

  • Novice level
    • Standards and certification
    • Intellectual property protection and management
    • Commercialization and entrepreneurship
    • Management
    • Communications
  • Advanced level
    • Integration of professional skills

Details about professional skills training

Technical skills

  • Novice level
    • Fundamentals of cryptography
    • Information and network security
    • Post-quantum cryptography
    • Quantum cryptography tools
    • Quantum communication devices
  • Advanced level
    • Novel research in any of the five technical skill areas

Details about technical skills training


  • The IP Lunch & Learn Series is offered annually during the fall and winter terms
  • Workshops for the professional and technical skill areas are offered annual in the spring term. See the links above for the 2019 schedules in the professional and technical skill areas.

List of previous training opportunities.

Mentorship program

CryptoWorks21 participants have the opportunity to be paired with a mentor from industry or government. Please contact the Director for more information.