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Terepac partners with CryptoWorks21 to grow quantum-safe cryptography training program

Terepac Corporation announced its support of research and training initiatives for CryptoWorks21 through monetary and in-kind funding equivalent to $70 ...

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Dr. L?tkenhaus with student at whiteboard


What is cryptography?

Cryptography is about keeping data and communications secure. People around the world depend on cryptography to keep their data and communication secure and reliable. Information security lets us communicate, work, play, and make purchases online with confidence.

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Dr. Jennewein wearing red protective glasses looking at an optics table


What are we working on?

Quantum technologies are revolutionizing our world, simultaneously posing new challenges and providing new tools for the future of information security. Quantum-safe cryptography harnesses these tools to maintain secure communications and reliable access in a quantum world.

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