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  • Elena Bakos Lang Receiving Award from Douglas Stebila
    Math student awarded scholarship for cybersecurity research

    CryptoWorks21 alumni and graduate student in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization Elena Bakos Lang has been awarded the RBC Graduate Scholarship valued at $20,000 over three terms.

    The scholarship is awarded to a graduate student conducting research in topics aligned with quantum-safe cryptography ...

  • CryptoWorks21 alumnus recognized for outstanding thesis

    CryptoWorks21 alumnus Anqi Huang has been awarded the first RBC Outstanding Thesis Award in Cybersecurity in the Quantum Era for her PhD thesis.

    The award is given annually to recognize an outstanding thesis on quantum-resistant cybersecurity from graduates of the CryptoWorks21 program. Huang completed her ...

  • Picture of Marc Morin
    The "blood, sweat, tears, toil and triumphs" of commercializing technology

    In his own words, Marc Morin is “addicted to the game.”

    Morin is the CEO and co-founder at Auvik Networks, pronounced awe-vik, as in awesome. “It’s like having a child who does way better than you and it’s awesome,” Morin explained at the ...

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