Cryptography provides the mathematical foundation to information security. Cryptography allows us to keep information and communications secure.

Emerging new technologies pose novel threats to information security. Quantum computers would be able to break many of the public key cryptosystems that we use to protect information today.

CryptoWorks21 is training researchers in quantum-safe cryptography to secure our future. There are two main approaches for developing quantum-safe cryptography:

  1. Quantum cryptography leverages the power of quantum mechanics to build cryptographic devices whose security relies on the laws of physics instead of assumptions about the hardness of mathematical problems.
  2. Post-quantum cryptography designs new mathematical problems to create cryptosystems that resist attacks by quantum computers but which do not rely new physical technology to use.

Researchers in CryptoWorks21 are investigating both approaches to developing quantum-safe cryptography and preparing our information technology infrastructure to use these new technologies.