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Standards and Certification workshop - 2021

Dates: August 9-12 2021

Location: Online via Zoom, link to be provided to registrants

Registration: Eventbrite


  • Lily Chen, United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Eric Rescorla, Mozilla
  • Scott Fluhrer, Cisco
  • Greg McLearn, Lightship Security
  • Norbert Lütkenhaus, University of Waterloo


  • Monday, August 9, 2021: 12:30-3pm, US Eastern time (Intro, Chen)
  • Tuesday, August 10, 2021: 1-3pm, US Eastern time (Rescorla, Fluhrer)
  • Wednesday, August 11, 2021: 1-3pm, US Eastern time (McLearn)
  • Thursday, August 12, 2021: 12:30-3pm, US Eastern time (Lütkenhaus; panel)

Learning outcome: Learn about the role of standards in cryptography, including their relevance and importance for deployability, competitiveness, large-scale adoption, the standards and compliance organizations, and compliance development.