Management and communication - 2017

Date and time: July 6,7,13, 14, 9:00-5:00

Location: QNC 1201, Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre, University of Waterloo

Please contact Chin Lee to register. The registration deadline is June 10, 2017.


Marc Hurwitz


Starting any new venture requires a generalist level of expertise across many disciplines. In this course, you will have a chance to learn about and develop skills in leadership, people management, communication, and project management. Each of these topics has an extensive body of existing literature and practice, most of which is rooted in managing large businesses and teams in a hierarchical environment. We will explore each of these topics with a focus on the essential skills, knowledge, and needs of startups in a 21st century context.

Because of the compressed nature of the course, students will be expected to engage in a significant amount of pre-work, and commit to keeping open the weekend during class for homework.

This course is divided into three subject areas: (1) Leadership and management; (2) Project management; (3) Communications. Each subject area will take about one-third of the class time, and the evaluation will be based approximately equally on the three.