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Quantum-Safe-Crypto Workshop 2013

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Submission deadline: 31 May 2013

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute will host the Quantum-Safe-Crypto Workshop on 26-27 September 2013 at the ETSI headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France.

Quantum-Safe-Crypto Workshop 2013 aims to bring together people interested in the development, standardization, and deployment of cryptographic tools that will be safe against emerging quantum technologies. The workshop aims to set out short- and medium-term objectives towards the long-term goal of a quantum-safe cryptographic infrastructure. ETSI welcomes presentations covering a range of applied cryptography topics including the deployment and integration of practical quantum key distribution networks, certification for quantum cryptography devices, standards for quantum-resistant public-key cryptographic algorithms, and high-priority use cases for quantum-safe cryptography.

For more information on presentation topics and other workshop details, please visit the Quantum-Safe-Crypto Workshop 2013 website.
Any other inquiries can be emailed to the ETSI events manager.