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Seminar: A Guide to Exporting Quantum Cryptography from Canada

Stephen Whitney of BlackBerry, will be speaking on "A Guide to Exporting Quantum Cryptography from Canada". The seminar will be presented by the Institute for Quantum Computing and held in QNC 1201 at the University of Waterloo.

Seminar abstract:

In order to commercialize your quantum cryptography inventions, you will need to export them from Canada. In order to export them, you will need to pass some regulatory hurdles. Learn about those hurdles and some practical real world experience aimed at allowing your invention to be in every possible country while maintaining the value of your invention.


Steve Whitney is a lawyer that has been involved in the export and import of cryptography for 13 years while at BlackBerry and likely has more experience exporting cryptography than anyone else in Canada. Steve and BlackBerry were the driving force in Canada that recently convinced Industry Canada that the Federal Government needed to loosen controls on the export of cryptography from Canada. Steve has significant experience exporting and importing cryptography all over the world through his work at BlackBerry.