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Workshop on standardization & certification for emerging security technologies

On August 24-25th 2015, CryptoWorks21 students gathered at the Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre to learn about the process and value of standardization and certification. This workshop was intended to empower students to make informed decisions about how to share their innovations and translate their scientific research into technologies of social value.

Speakers at the workshop included:

  • Matthew Campagna (IQC Affiliate), who outlined the types of standards that can be developed, the historical development of standards, and the economic value of standardization;
  • Lily Chen (NIST), who gave an in-depth course on standardization of cryptographic algorithms, primitives, and schemes for security and interoperability, as well as application-specific cryptography standards;
  • Gaby Lenhart (ETSI), who discussed business, legislative, regulatory, and user perspectives on standardization, as well as the role of standards in encouraging innovation;
  • Norbert Lutkenhaus (IQC), who provided a comprehensive overview of current standards and certification efforts for quantum key distribution (QKD) and post-quantum cryptography.

Students in the workshop also participated in a simulated standards development organization (SDO) meeting, identifying competing shareholders and goals involved in the process of standardization.

Many CryptoWorks21 students' current research involves developing the next generation of quantum-safe cryptography and security tools, including both conventional cryptography that is resistant to attacks by quantum computers, as well as quantum technologies offering resistance to quantum attacks. Through understanding the different ways that technologies can be distributed, shared, and adopted, young researchers are better able to make informed choices about the consequences of their scientific work.

The Institute for Quantum Computing is committed to standardization efforts in the domains of quantum-safe cryptography and security, through leadership within the ETSI Quantum Key Distribution[1] and ETSI Quantum-Safe Cryptography[2] industry specification groups.