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QCrypt 2013 conference

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QCrypt 2013

Abstract deadline: 20 April 2013
Poster deadline: 15 May 2013 extended to 22 June 2013
Registration deadline: 1 July 2013 extended to 19 July 2013
Accommodation booking deadlines: 23 June 2013, 3 July 2013

The Institute for Quantum Computing will host the 3rd Annual Conference on Quantum Cryptography (QCRYPT 2013) on 5-9 August 2013 at the University of Waterloo. The conference is immediately preceded by the QKD Summer School.

QCRYPT 2013 is a conference for students and researchers working on all aspects of quantum cryptography, including theoretical and experimental research on the possibilities and limitations of secure communication and computation involving quantum mechanical devices. The conference aims to represent the year's best results on quantum cryptography and to support the development of a research community in quantum cryptography.

Registration fee is $250 for students, $350 for regular participants, and $600 for senior researchers.

To attend QCrypt 2013, please register online.
For more information on conference details, please visit the QCRYPT 2013 website.
To submit an abstract, please see the submission instructions.
Updates and information can also be found on the QCRYPT 2013 Facebook page.