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Professional Development Session on Project Management

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The Institute for Quantum Computing will host a CryptoWorks21 Professional Development Session based on the Mitacs Step Foundations of Project Management I workshop on 23-24 July 2013 at the University of Waterloo. The workshop welcomes CryptoWorks21 researchers interested in building on their professional skills. This workshop is immediately followed by the CryptoWorks21 Standards and Certification Course.

This workshop will be held in the Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre (QNC) in room 1201. Each session is scheduled to begin at 8:30am and to conclude at 4:30pm. Daily registration begins at 8:00am.

What’s Mitacs Step?

  • A program that provides graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with opportunities to build on their professional and transferrable skill sets.
  • Open to all past, present, and prospective graduate students and postdocs.

Why should you attend?

  • Strengthen your working relationships, increase your ability to connect with industry, and improve research results and impact.
  • Access to industry-recognized expertise.

To register, please contact Monica Dey for the access code.
For more information about other Mitacs Step workshops, please consult the Mitacs Step website.