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Lunch and Learn with Richard Brisson

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Experiences as a Crypto-Mathematician at CSE

This talk will focus on the speaker's experience as a crypto-mathematician and, to a lesser degree, as a manager during his career at CSE which spanned from 1980 to 2011. A diversity of (unclassified or declassified!) topics to be discussed will include CSE itself yesterday and today, understanding the essence and scope of CSE's mandates, understanding the Canadian Intelligence and Security organizations, the various fields of mathematics which are of potential benefits to cryptology, the benefits of computational mathematics and optimization, understanding the bigger picture in terms of emerging technologies and organizational priorities, factors that motivate and inspire a crypto-mathematician in his or her career at CSE, the breadth and depth of analysis/development/research, the global reach of the 5-Eyes partnership and cooperation, recruitment and development of new technical job descriptions while in management, on-the-job training and mentoring, NSA's Cryptologic Mathematics Program, Integration Opportunities, etc. As well, a few thoughts will be shared about today's CSE and cyberspace. Finally, the speaker will talk about his cryptologic hobbies especially since he retired from CSE in 2011, as well as sharing a developing story about CSE and its cryptologic artifacts. Logistics permitting, Mr. Brisson will bring a WW2 German Enigma to display while saying a few words its significance in history and the movie "The Imitation Game".