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Intellectual Property (IP) Management Lunch and Learn Lecture Series

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Intellectual Property is a fundamental part of what we do in academia, what our graduates do when they join the workforce, and of successful technology commercialization. Intellectual Property is of growing importance in the world and it is important to be aware of a wide range of issues related to IP.

The lectures are designed for researchers working in areas related to information technology, including cryptography and quantum technology.

This lunch and learn lecture series brings in thought leaders in the protection and management of intellectual property, including many years of experience in relevant areas of information technology.

The CryptoWorks21 program is excited to host this IP Management Lunch and Learn Lecture Series. There will be two lectures per month on selected Tuesdays starting February 14th and ending June 27th, 2017. It will be held in QNC1501 from Noon to 1pm.

It is open to all members of CryptoWorks21, the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) and the Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research (CACR). Please RSVP to Chin Lee a week before the event.

IP Lecture Series

  1. Intellectual Property: Why should I care?
    • Feb 14th by Tom Hunter
  2. Basics of IP
    • Feb 28th by Jeffrey Wong
  3. Ownership of IP
    • March 14th by Neil Henderson
  4. What is Patentable?
    • March 28th by Jeffrey Wong
  5. Standards and Patents/Open Source Software
    • April 11th by Neil Henderson
  6. Ethical Behaviour and Confidentiality
    • April 25th by Viona Duncan
  7. Value Creation/Commercializing of IP
    • May 9th by Tom Hunter
  8. IP in Academia
    • May 23rd by Doug Beynon
  9. Disputes
    • June 13th by Jacqueline Armstrong Gates
  10. IP Strategy
    • June 27th by Neil Henderson/ Tom Hunter