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Distinguished Lecture: Tech Startups - The Ride of Your Life

Head shot of Taj Manku

Tech Startups - The Ride of Your Life


Starting any company has a lot of ups and downs. There are many days you wish you didn't start it, but there are many days you can't wait to get to work because you are so excited. There are lots of days you laugh and some days you feel like crawling up into a ball. You wish at times you did things differently, and then there are days you think you are making all the right decisions. Self awareness and focus are more than words to me. They are like an emotion and drive my thinking. Every startup is different. In this presentation, I will share my humbling experiences, while outlining the top things I have learned.


Dr. Tajinder (Taj) Manku is an established serial entrepreneur and inventor with a background in wireless technology and business. He has founded several technology companies within the Waterloo Region. The most public being Sirific Wireless, which eventually sold to Nvidia. Recently he founded Cognitive Systems Corp. and is currently the CEO. Taj also served as a tenured Professor at the University of Waterloo, ran various consulting firms, has over 100 patents, over 100 technical publications, and various awards in technology and business. Taj holds a degree in Quantum Physics and has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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Light reception to follow after the lecture.