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Canadian Quantum Information Students' Conference 2013

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Submission deadline: 10 May 2013
Registration deadline: 10 May 2013

The Institute for Quantum Science and Technology will host the 10th Annual Canadian Quantum Information Students' Conference (CQISC 2013) on 24-28 June 2013 at the University of Calgary. The conference is organized by graduate students at the University of Calgary, and is open to students of various backgrounds, including physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, and engineering. It is immediately preceded by the Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information 2013.

CQISC 2013 aims to bring students from a wide range of disciplines together to learn about new areas of research from their peers, to develop collaborative ties among students, and strengthen networks of quantum information research institutes. The conference will feature invited guest lecturers Dr. Suzanne Gildert, from D-Wave, and Dr. Barry Sanders, from the University of Calgary, as well as short talks and poster presentations from participants.

Students will be responsible for a fee of $50, which includes some meals and activities. Accommodations and travel may be covered.

For more information about schedules, activities, and arrangements, please visit the CQISC 2013 website.
For more information on the invited lectures, please see the lecture abstracts.
To attend CQISC 2013, please register online.