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Calgary hosts quantum summer school

Summer school speakers, Dr. Ivette Fuentes and Dr. Nilanjana Datta, sitting beside organizer, Prof. Barry Sanders
Dr. Ivette Fuentes, left, and Dr. Nilanjana Datta, right, were among 8 invited speakers to the summer school. CSSQI co-chair, Prof. Barry Sanders, sits between them. (IQST)

On June 17-21 2013, young quantum researchers learned the basics of quantum information science in a 5-day summer school for graduate students.

The 13th annual Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information (CSSQI) was hosted by the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology (IQST) at the University of Calgary. Four members of the NSERC CREATE CryptoWorks21 training program attended the international summer school as well as over 60 additional graduate students travelling from 17 institutions across 4 continents.

The CSSQI series focuses on educating select early-stage graduate students through stimulating lectures by world-leading researchers covering leading aspects of quantum information. The lecturers are selected from the theoretical and experimental areas of computer science, mathematics, chemistry and physics for their strong didactic skills as well as for being leaders in the field of quantum information science.

The lectures covered the basics of quantum information processing as well as more advanced topics including:

  • quantum information theory
  • quantum algorithms and lower bounds
  • implementations and models
  • quantum communication, nonlocality and interactions

"I learned an impressive amount," said Ivan Gourlay, University of British Columbia student, on his introduction to quantum information. "I have a great deal of info to study this summer."

The summer school responded quickly to the challenges presented by the flooding events of June 21 to ensure the safety of all students while lectures continued.

CSSQI 2013 participants
Source: IQST