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Advanced workshop to integrate professional skills

Serge-Olivier pitching Picture

Now that I migrated from the academic world to work in "industry", I can fully understand the relevance of these workshops.

More than just valuable knowledge on Intellectual property and commercialization, the instructors really gave us a language to speak to decision makers, and in turn become the decision makers ourselves. We learned to recognize the value in ideas, and how to properly protect that value with the right patents so that it can be turned into business ventures.

The Advanced workshop to integrate professional skills, took us to the next level by experiencing real business ideas. Not only were we asked to present our own ideas in a business structured way with the Lean Canvas, but we were invited to judge and analyze real startup pitches. The lessons learned were invaluable. We now understand that the best idea is nothing without a story, and that a story has to be structured and deeply thought out. Instructors Dr. Doug Beynon, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre; and Rachel Bartholomew, CEO and Founder of the Mod Market really made us feel like we have the potential to truly act in the world around us, and not only in the lab. The workshops were tailored to fit our own research and fields, so there were of places for unique learning.