Pan Palittapongarnpim

Pan Palittapongarnpim is a PhD student from Thailand. She is developing new ways to improve quantum operations with Barry Sanders and his research group.  She studies Physics at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

Pan's journey began with her Grade 12 Physics teacher, whose infectious enthusiasm shared their love of physics with her and taught her to combine logic and heuristics to understand the foundations of physics. Learning how famous physicists developed their theories shone light on what had been a difficult subject for her. When struggling students come to her now, Pan shares her own struggles with them to connect with them and to encourage them.

In 2009, Pan came to Calgary to begin her graduate studies. She was attracted to the University of Calgary for its wide range of quantum information research projects. After finishing her Master's degree in experimental physics with Alex Lvovsky, she joined Barry Sanders' team to work on his diverse projects.

Pan's research interests lie at the intersection of physics and information theory. In her current project, she uses learning algorithms to improve quantum operations, speed them up, and increase their precision. Using these methods, Pan is creating a tool to help realize a more secure future through quantum cryptography. She enjoys being a part of CryptoWorks21 as it gives her a chance to see how technology, business, and research can work together to create this future.

For her own future, Pan plans to teach and to continue her work improving computer security through quantum means in academia and in industry. She hopes to continue to develop her skills and creativity to meet the challenges presented by the future.

Outside research, Pan enjoys a wide variety of interests. She likes to jog and finds that it helps her health, her mind, and her work.  She also enjoys reading history and fiction in particular for their insights into how the world has come to be known and how humanity knows itself.